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This website would not exist but for the encouragement, support, and outright "getting hands dirty" help supplied by four men: Bill Jones, Bruce Sutherland, Dagmar Uythethofken, and José Doménech-Part. Bill and Bruce are always encouraging and helpful, Dagmar is a great proof reader, researcher, and questioner...and José--well, he does everything. He has been the real workhorse of this website, always ready to step in with a helping hand when the information I had was incomplete (or worse, inaccurate). Moreover, many of the photos on this site are due to his generosity. Gentlemen (and they are gentlemen, and scholars all): Mil Gracias, from Mel Hughes.

This website and all the writing contained herein is, except where directly quoted with attribution, copyright Mel Hughes 2006. The images contained in this website are either from my own private collection or the private collections of other Iturbi admirers around the world, or are "screen captures" meant to convey a general representation of the appearance of Iturbi's movies, posters and records. No copyright infringement is intended to MGM, RCA-Victor, or any other motion picture or recording company or photographic agency. This is a non-commercial website intended to inform and entertain. Please contact me at turbinista@manyfountains.com before linking to this website or using any of the images or writing contained in this website.